What is the best way to move my pool table?

Pool tables should be disassembled properly when moved. Attempts to move it yourself can harm the slate, aprons, and rails. Many tables are made of 3 pieces of very heavy slate, and moving a pool table without disassemble can be VERY dangerous. We highly suggest against it. We encourage you to call us when you need your pool table moved within the room, to another room, or to another location. Any tables moved by anyone other than our technicians will void our leveling warranty.

What will it cost to move my pool table?

Costs typically vary on the following factors: The distance between one location and the other, if there are any stairs involved, the size of the table and if it is a 1 piece slate or 3 piece slate table. Our pricing is competitive and reasonable.

What are the dimensions and playing areas of various pool tables?

7 ft. table: 3.5' x 7' playing area: 38" x 76"
8 ft. table: 4' x 8' playing area: 44" x 88"
Oversized 8 ft. table: 4' x 8' playing area: 46" x 92"
9 ft. table: 4.5' x 9' playing area: 50" x100"

**Billiard tables are measured by the playing area, where the ball hits the cushion**

How do I care for the cloth on my pool table?

You may brush your cloth as often as necessary to maintain the table in good playing condition. Brush from the head toward the foot of the table. Always brush with straight strokes, not in a scrubbing or circular motion.

When should I replace the felt and rubber cushions on my pool table?

Under normal play and care, standard felt should last for three to five years. If the rubber cushions feel hard or return with no bounce, it's probably time to replace them. We suggest replacing both at the same time ~ you save money that way!

What are the guidelines for hanging a light fixture over my pool table?

There are no hard & fast rules that apply to light fixture placement over your pool table. A general rule is to hang lighting so that the bottom of the fixture is at the nose height of the tallest person usually playing on the table.

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