At Rack Em Up Billiards we provide only the best service with every job. We are confident in our quality of product and master skill trade experience. We consider ourselves better than the "other guys" for many reasons.

  • We will check your cushions to make sure they still have life in them.
  • We will remove ALL of the staples when recovering your felt instead of continuously stapling into the backing of your slate.
  • We will offer combined services at a discount instead of quietly charging you for upgrades that aren't necessary.
  • Our quotes are hassle free and also come with free advice when making a new pool table purchase.

Pool Table Moving

This service includes the professional breakdown of the pool table including the rails, pockets, felt, slate, base and legs. We will load up your table safely and securely to be relocated anywhere you need it to go.

  • Your table will then be installed with your current felt. Or new felt can be applied for an additional cost.
  • All pool table relocations include a leveling service as well.
  • Additional moving services available include room to room; room to storage facility; and long distance moves.

New Felt & Bumper Application

One way to get your pool table looking in top form is to re-felt it. We will apply new, top quality felt to your pool table bumpers and to the slate of your pool table.

Balance and Leveling

We will balance and level your pool table for optimum play. All pool tables installed by Rack Em Up Billiards include a leveling service.

Pool Table Repair and Restoration

Call for additional information!

Pool Cue Repairs

We have been providing our services to Long Island and the surrounding areas for over 20 years!